Traffic Santa Wraps Speed Cameras In Anonymous Gift To Joburg Drivers

But traffic officers were quick to head off to unwrap them.

27/12/2016 21:05 SAST | Updated 27/12/2016 21:10 SAST

Traffic cameras in the south of Johannesburg had a glitzy Christmas makeover, after someone mysteriously covered them up as a festive gift for disgruntled motorists.

The ubiquitous yellow poles — which are apparently situated in a 40km/h speed limit zone — cwere adorned with black bags over their lenses, as well as red and gold glittery tinsel, and an elegant sign wishing all a "Merry Christmas".

Photographs of the gift-wrapped cameras were first posted on Facebook on Christmas Day. While most people on social media reacted with tongue-in-cheek glee, some saw the move as irresponsible.

Theresa Eduardo, shared the post adding, "ha ha ho ho ho", while Kim Van Niekerk suggested: "There are enough accidents at this time of the year. Why remove a potential deterrent?"

Meanwhile, Johannesburg Metro Police Department spokesperson Wayne Minnaar said officers had been sent to investigate the situation.