07/07/2017 10:03 SAST | Updated 07/07/2017 10:03 SAST

South Africans Do Not Care About Bell Pottinger's Apology -- It Is Not Enough

Pay back the money and come clean, that's what we want.

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A group of commuters stand and take pictures of anti-fracking demonstrators, as they sit with their hands super-glued to each other at the offices of Bell Pottinger in High Holborn in central London, the PR company used by energy company Cuadrilla.

Bell Pottinger said on Thursday it was sorry for work it did with the Gupta family and Oakbay. But South Africans are not buying it, we need more.

"At various points throughout the tenure of the Oakbay account, senior management have been misled about what has been done. For it to be done in South Africa, a country which has become an international beacon of hope for its progress towards racial reconciliation, is a matter of profound regret and in no way reflects the values of Bell Pottinger," the public relations said.

The firm claimed it was "misled" and acted to rectify that as soon as it realised.

On Twitter, however, South Africans hit back saying they did not care about the apology and it was not enough to deal with the damage the company caused.

These were some of the responses on the social media platform.

  • 1. Max du Preez
    #BellPottinger 'apology' won't undo the damage done & the demonising of so many good South Africans. Tell all & pay back
  • 2. Redi Tlhabi
    We remember #BellPottinger stooges who called US stooges. Cyberbullies unleashing sexist FAKE images to spread lies. YOU are captured & vile
  • 3. Chris Vick
    This is spin. Who misled them? How much did they pay their bots? We demand disclosure! #BellPottinger
  • 4. Save South Africa
    #Savesa demands full disclosure from PR firm #Bellpottinger about the nature of its dirty tricks while contracted t…
  • 5. Gugulethu Mhlungu
    #BellPottinger is now claiming that their senior management was "misled" about work on the Oakbay account.
  • 6. Justine Limpitlaw
    Let us never forget that the Guptas funded this hideous campaign by #BellPottinger to deflect public criticism from…
  • 7. Sjambok Music
    @BellPottinger #BellPottinger thanks for wrecking our country (South Africa) and sowing seeds of discontent
  • 8. Mixo Osculate
    This is nonsense indeed as South African your apology is not good enough and will never be accepted, time to face the music #BellPottinger
  • 9. Zakes Mda
    #BellPottinger's apology is nothing but odious spin doctoring. It's like saying I'm sorry for whatever you think I did wrong
  • 10. Nicola Bayly
    #MandelaDay around the corner and we dealing with this #BellPottinger "apology". They need to refund the cash directly to our universities.
  • 11. Sidima M Mehlomakulu
    🗣🗣🗣 We don't want your apology #BellPottinger. Haaaaaaambaaa!!!
  • 12. Amanda Watson
    Someone's ripping #BellPottinger a new one on Wikipedia
  • 13. Sonja
    Now fix your mess Remove your #Paidtwitter stooges Give back our taxes and close your evil company #CountryDuty
  • 14. Lindiwe Masemula
    @tumisole They are sorry cause they got caught, if they cared more about the people of this country than money may…
  • 15. Stefan Hippler
    @BellPottinger - this is not enough: please reveal all communication and dealings with the #Gupta associated compan…
  • 16. Tumi Sole
    #CountryDuty Let's demand that they come clean! Your apology is meaningless @BellPottinger unless you disclose a…
  • 17. CountryDuty ZA
    Apologies don't mean anything if you keep doing what you're sorry for. Sincerely, #CountryDuty | #BellPottinger,…