20/07/2017 15:09 SAST | Updated 20/07/2017 15:14 SAST

SA Women Are The Least Sexually Satisfied?! Can We Be The Judges Of That Please?

Because issa lie.

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Performers during the Sexpo 2017 (Photo by Gallo Images / Alet Pretorius)

So, a study conducted by an extra-marital dating site says that South African married women are the least sexually satisfied. The study "peaked into the bedrooms of its 6,117 female members". So it's already safe to say, fam: it's nowhere near representing the millions of married women in our country.

Nonetheless, the-always-necessary-conversation about sex was had on Twitter -- and boy, was it spicy! Perhaps Twitter is the better place to get a sense of whether women in this country are getting it good, or not.

Here are our top 11 takeaways from the discussion.

He he he...

People feeling themselves.

At least this bit of information might just be the right propeller for some...

...clearly not for Phorogotlho, though.

Dear Jerry's person -- askies.

Haibo, Champlito?

Spicy much?

Maybe this is why whatever "..." is, is hard to find.

Diet, gents, diet!

And just to be clear...

Tbo Touch, we see you.