The R450m Price Ain't Right: Mzwanele Manyi Hopes To 'Knock Down' ANN7/TNA Price Tag

"What I like about the [Gupta family] is they are negotiable, they are businesspeople, they are human beings," says new owner of Gupta media Mzwanele Manyi.

30/08/2017 14:38 SAST | Updated 30/08/2017 14:48 SAST

Media owner MzwaneIe Manyi may attempt to negotiate a better price from the Gupta family on the sale of ANN7 and The New Age.

In an interview with HuffPost SA, Manyi said he is hoping to "knock down" the R450-million buying price for the media house, saying such a negotiation with the Gupta family is not "out of bounds".