31/08/2017 16:45 SAST | Updated 31/08/2017 17:52 SAST

EFF Storms Out Of Parly During Zuma Q&A

Twitter went into a frenzy, with viewers saying they would change channels now that the Red Barrettes have left.

Mike Hutchings / Reuters
President Jacob Zuma looks on as members of Julius Malema's Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party raise objections before being evicted from Parliament in Cape Town, South Africa May 17, 2016.

Parliament erupted into chaos on Thursday when President Jacob Zuma was answering questions on the state of affairs in the country.

Members of the Economic Freedom Fighters stood up in a rage as tensions began to boil over, storming out of the House just before parliamentary security was called to force them out.

This sent Twitter into a craze, with South Africans, being South Africans, reacting ever so comically to the craze.

EFF exit:

Zuma was tackling questions over the fight against gender-based violence, the achievements of Operation Phakisa, the investigation into the South African Broadcasting Corporation and whether he influenced the awarding of state contracts to any of his family members or associates.