29/11/2017 19:00 SAST | Updated 04/01/2018 19:14 SAST

27 Times Tiny Wedding Guests Stole The Spotlight

Move over, newlyweds. These little tykes are bringing the heat. 😊

Having kids at your wedding can be a real crapshoot: They’re unpredictable, messy, loud and prone to tantrums.

But boy, they sure are cute ― and entertaining! Below, see 26 photos of pint-sized wedding guests who will charm your socks off. 

  • 1 This enthusiastic photog-in-training loves her job
    D. Park Photography
  • 2 This grumpy bear has had it up to *here*
    Marcela Pulido
  • 3 This little one would love to catch up with you at the cocktail hour
    L&L Style Photo
  • 4 This eager tot is just honored to be there
    George Street Photo and Video
  • 5 These two know the flower girl bond cannot be broken
    onelove photography
  • 6 These handsome ring bearers stole the show
    Priyanca Rao Photography
  • 7 These cowgirls cuties donned their best booties
    CHARD Photographer
  • 8 This trio held an impromptu book club meeting on the dance floor
    Priyanca Rao Photography
  • 9 This kiddo is happy to lend a helping hand
    Rob Greer Photography
  • 10 This budding fashionista is stylin' head to toe
  • 11 This pouty little guy sure can rock a fedora!
    Carolyn Scott Photography
  • 12 These prima ballerinas have all the right moves
    Mari Harsan Studios
  • 13 This pretty, pretty princess is the fairest of them all
    D. Park Photography
  • 14 This tyke is so cute when he gets distracted
    Tim Monson
  • 15 This one's serving up some Little Red Riding Hood realness
    L&L Style Photo
  • 16 This kiddo nailed the "blue steel" pose
    George Street Photo and Video
  • 17 This little one has us saying, '"All hail the flower queen!"
    Elizabeth Burgi
  • 18 These two are very good at sharing
    George Street Photo and Video
  • 19 This dapper fellow knows a thing or two about style
    George Street Photo and Video
  • 20 This pair is just beachy keen
    Katie Kaizer Photography
  • 21 And this pair makes a great team
    Katie Kaizer Photography
  • 22 This one's already daydreaming about the cake (can't blame her!)
    George Street Photo and Video
  • 23 This little honey's got the money
    D. Park Photography
  • 24 This flower girl made sure her stuffed animal was part of the celebration
    Tim Monson
  • 25 This little lady is a natural in front of the camera
    The Hearnes
  • 26 This duo is double trouble -- just look at those grins!
    Mari Harsan Studios
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