18 Cheeses That Will Make You Forget All About Men

Sweet baby cheezus.

20/01/2017 20:03 SAST | Updated 20/01/2017 20:03 SAST

No boyfriend? No problem. 

Below, we’ve rounded up a list of 18 fine cheeses that are way better than a boyfriend. (And when we say fine, we mean fiiiiiine.)

  • 1
    This beautiful, beautiful Mt. Tam.
  • 2
    This hot and steamy raclette.
  • 3
    This ~mysterious~ Bohemian Blue. 
  • 4
    And this luscious, ripe Humboldt Fog with an intense creamline.
  • 5
    Are we crazy or does this baked Camembert seem like it'd be a good listener?
  • 6
    A nearly man-sized Comté. (Man only included for perspective.)
  • 7
    What a hunk. 
  • 8
    Acclaimed cheesemonger Anne Saxelby once called this goat and cows' milk blend "the sexiest cheese in the U.S.A." We believe her.
  • 9
    Brie is bae. 
  • 10
    Unlike dudes on Tinder, a Stilton blue won't ever leave you blue.
  • 11
    Ooh, baby, this Burrata.
  • 12
    According to its makers, "the indulgent mouthfeel, tender rind, and balanced character [of this cheese] makes it a perfect addition to a cheese board." Or your life. 
  • 13
    Tall and good looking? Bring. It. On. 
  • 14
    Cavemen cheese? Not usually our type TBH, but sure why not.
  • 15
    Honestly, we're pretty sure this cheese is hitting on us anyway.
  • 16
    Could always use a strong and dependable gouda in your life.
  • 17
    A fondue to keep you warm on the coldest winter nights.
  • 18
    Can't forget those cheese curds sourced straight outta Wisconsin. Let's be real: Any cheese you can eat by the handful, straight from the bag is definitely better than a boyfriend.
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