25/11/2016 20:10 SAST | Updated 26/11/2016 15:23 SAST

West Africans Are Fighting About Jollof Rice Again...

Who does it better - Ghana or Nigeria?

Could you pass a blind taste test?
Matthew Mead / AP Photo
Could you pass a blind taste test?

West Africans are always fighting about who makes better jollof rice, the tomato-based rice dish that is often served at celebrations. The online culture magazine Okay Africa decided to settle it once and for all by bringing together a group of prominent west Africans from various countries and subjecting them to a blind test.

You can imagine how this went. There were slings and barbs hidden under friendly banter. As Nigerian model Aminat Ayinde says in the video: "Jollof rice is what brings west Africans apart."

Of course, not everyone passed the taste test. As one participant said, "I have brought shame to my family...