08/12/2016 08:16 SAST | Updated 20/02/2017 11:50 SAST

Malema: Black People Need To Be Woken Up

Some even go as far as saying the man who was forced into the coffin did something wrong, says the EFF leader.

EFF leader Julius Malema is concerned about how black South Africans internalise an inferiority complex, he told HuffPost SA in an interview following news of the so-called coffin assault case.

Watch his comments in the video above.

"They don't see anything wrong with white people, actually they think there was something wrong [with what] that black guy did. 'This whites won't put this guy in a coffin if he has not done anything wrong'," Malema said.

"A lot of them thought that. I live with black people, I live amongst them and they said to me, before you even say these whites are wrong, what has he done. What has he done. That's their attitude and I say, it doesn't matter what he's done, that's not how you treat a human being."

You need to free your mindset, and begin to fight for the liberation of black people.

South Africans were shocked when footage emerged of two white men trying to force a black man, Rethabile Mlotshwa, into a coffin.

The accused, Willem Oosthuizen and Theo Jackson, were denied bail on Thursday at the Middelburg Magistrates' Court.

They claimed they found Mlotshwa with stolen copper cables.

Malema said in his previous interview that the reaction from certain people pointed to an oppressed mindset among some black South Africans.

"My job more than talking to white people is to talk to black people because I want them to change their mindset. I want them to be progressive. I want black people to know they are oppressed. Because many of them don't think they are oppressed. Many of them they succumb to whiteness. Many of them are so prepared to condemn Malema [following his recent comments about white people] and not condemn white people who have put a black person in a coffin alive."

He continued: "I'm saying to them, wake up. You need to free your mindset, and begin to fight for the liberation of black people."

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