26/12/2016 15:06 SAST | Updated 26/12/2016 15:20 SAST

Enjoy The Beach But Be On The Lookout For Spring Tides

Spring tides are expected on Thursday and those very high and very low tides can be dangerous.

Stephen Spraggon
Spring tides bring waves crashing over rocks

The NSRI issued a spring tides warning for Thursday December 29, when a new moon occurs, News24 reported.

"This means that the twice monthly spring tide (which occurs at full moon and at new moon) peaks on Thursday."

The NSRI said the spring tide will start to build in intensity from Monday, peaking on the new moon day on Thursday and gradually lessening in intensity towards about January 2.

"Anyone visiting the beach from today, December 26, will notice that these twice daily high tides start to gradually get higher than normal, as this week progresses, and the twice daily low tides gradually start to get lower than normal," said the NSRI.

Spring tides mean the alignment of the moon, the sun and the earth creates the highest high tides and lowest low tides, which may be dangerous.