27/12/2016 14:42 SAST | Updated 28/12/2016 09:24 SAST

From Beyonce to Toni Braxton, Meet The Musical Genius Slaying Every Diva This Christmas

You might be good at impersonations, but you're not as good as Jade Novah.

If you haven't watched Jade Novah's work yet, we're about to make your holidays. Novah is a U.S. musical theatre actor who has made a video we can't stop watching.

Novah plays a character called "Keyonce" who introduces an entire Christmas album where she mimics a range of famous musical divas. The album's name? Slay Bells, obvs. The advert for the album features impersonations of artists from Erykah Badu and Michelle Williams of Destiny's Child, to Christina Aguilera.

What else can we say? Bow down.