06/01/2017 16:14 SAST | Updated 06/01/2017 16:14 SAST

Four Years In Prison Is A Long Time So Twitter Has Some Lessons For Jub Jub

Oh South Africa. Why are you like this?

Veli Nhlapo / Sowetan / Gallo Images
Molemo "Jub Jub" Maarohanye at the Protea Magistrate's Court on December 5 2012. Jub Jub and Themba Tshabalala were originally sentenced to 25 years each for murder and attempted murder, after they crashed into and killed four high school pupils and seriously injured three others on 8 March 2010.

Molemo 'Jub Jub' Maarohanye has only been out of prison for a day and he's already trended on Twitter three times for three different reasons. First it was about his parole, then his newly released song and now, South Africa's #NoChill train has come to pick him up for a ride. Maarohanye spent four years in prison after he was convicted of culpable homicide for killing four school kids in a drug- and alcohol-fueled drag race. Much has changed since 2012 and Twitter's decided to let him know what he's missed out on.

  • 1. Ok now he'll also have to look up the #Generations16.
    #ThingsThatJubjubDoesntKnow..Generations is now Generations The Legacy, Jomo Sono is Dr Jomo Sono, Kaiser Chiefs is now an English Academy.
  • 2. People even think that's why his sentence was reduced.
    #ThingsThatJubjubDoesntKnow Black twitter has been fighting for him during the Oscar Pistorius trial 😂
  • 3. Yoh! Remember when all you needed was R60 for Blackberry BIS bundles.
    #ThingsThatJubJubDoesntKnow Data has become so expensive we've had to stop asking for nudes.
  • 4. Ok wait... we are learning this right along with him.
    #ThingsThatJubJubDoesntKnow That stealing clothes that drying on a washing line is now called " online shopping "
  • 5. Eish. Just like ANC, iNandos ayisafani.
    Nandos is now selling golden chickens, you need your entire salary to buy 1 full chicken #ThingsThatJubJubDoesntKnow
  • 6. Wait. Does he even know who Ricky Rick is?
    #ThingsThatJubJubDoesntKnow Ricky Rick's diet now consists of cotton.
  • 7. Ok but we did say the jury was out on her talent.
    #ThingsThatJubJubDoesntKnow That Babes Wodumo gets paid R100k just to walk around on stage like an invigilator
  • 8. He's going to need the full tutorial on what it means to be #Moreki and how to behave around #Moreki.
    There is a Shebeen in Saxonwold, ran by a Moreki from India #ThingsThatJubJubDoesntKnow
  • 9. We're still reeling over Van Damme being song of the year. Seriously.
    #ThingsThatJubJubDoesntKnow Blessers Zuma paid back the money Julius Malema Lost weight Zulu people wanna kill Van Damme 😂
  • 10. Hibiri!
    That Sista Betina is still going strong 😛 #ThingsThatJubJubDoesntKnow
  • 11. How did this happen?!!!!
    #ThingsThatJubJubDoesntKnow Real Soilders Are Now Afraid To Leave Their Uniform On The Washing Line... Lol! Camouflage Season