09/01/2017 20:36 SAST | Updated 05/01/2018 11:01 SAST

This Is How Much Students Will Pay Just To Register For University In 2017

It ranges from R1,200 to R22,000 to secure your spot in 2017.

Big piggybank with a graduation cap is standing next to an education chart showing a rising trend in Education costs

It is 2017 and fees have not yet fallen. This will not come as a surprise to many, but it still leaves a bitter taste in the mouth nonetheless. Many prospective students will not be able to pursue an education due to the financial ramifications, while a sizeable number of students already at institutions of higher learning may be at risk of financial exclusion. Here is the grim reality for many of those who are looking to enrol at university this year.

1. University of South Africa

The initial payment for full year modules at UNISA is R 1,340. This it to be paid by 30 January or 29 February. The full amount must be paid by 15 August.

2. Tshwane University of Technology

An upfront payment of R1,500 is payable on registration in January/February and in July. New students who have already paid the R500 confirmation fee need only pay R1,000 upon registration.

3. North West University

The registration fee is R1,610 and this amount is payable during registration for students living in residence, town or off campus.

4. Vaal University of Technology

A registration fee of R2,000 is payable on or before 30 January.

At least with the above-mentioned varsities we won't be breaking the bank. That deserves a round of applause.

5. University of Zululand

Students will be required to pay the Minimum Initial Payment (MIP) of R3,000 in order to register. The MIP for students who will be living at the university residences is R4,000.

7. Cape Peninsula University of Technology

Students at CPUT have a payment of R3,500 for tuition and R1,500 for residence but if a student is unable to pay this, they will still be allowed to register without the payment. Fees can be paid from February to November in monthly instalments of 10 percent for full year courses and from February to June in monthly instalments of 20 percent for semester courses.

8. Fort Hare University

Before any student is permitted to register at the university, the university requires them to make an MIP towards tuition (R3,500), the foreign levy (R3,500 for non-SADC students and R1,500 for SADC students) and the registration fee of R2,630.

With so many of us losing sleep over registration fees and financial aid applications, there should probably be a trigger warning for updates like these.

8. University of Johannesburg

Students who do live in residences need to pay R3,870 at registration and those in residence need to pay an additional R2,600. All students also pay a registration fee of R610 and a R430 information and communications technology levy.

9. Durban University of Technology

A minimum first instalment is required on registration at DUT. For non-residence students it is R3,420 annually or R2,100 per semester. For residence students it is R6,840 annually or R4,200 per semester.

In the event of the fees costing less than the first instalment requested by the University, the lesser amount will be payable on registration.

10. University of the Western Cape

Students who stay off campus have to make an initial payment of R4,290 at registration and those who stay in university residences need to pay R4,840. Both categories of students must also pay an additional R1,210 registration deposit. The balance of all fees must be paid on or before 31 July.

So many feels...

11. University of Pretoria

The registration fee for South African students is R5,000. International students, excluding students from SADC countries, will be charged double that, plus an international levy of R2,900 and an additional cost depending on their specific academic programme.

12. Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University

Registering for degree programmes, postgraduate diplomas and related occasional studies for full time students amounts to R 6,200 and for part-time students to R 3,500.

Registration fees for diploma or certificate programmes and related occasional studies for full time students are R 4,300 and for part time students R 2,800.

International students are required to pay 100 percent of their tuition fees upfront.

Fees have clearly not fallen.

13. Stellenbosch University

A compulsory first instalment (which includes the registration fee) is a fixed amount which is payable by no later than 31 March 2017. For undergraduate and postgraduate diplomas and certificates the compulsory first instalment fee is R8,280. The compulsory first instalment fee for the undergraduate academic programme is R11,353. For postgraduates it is R 8,280


14. University of the Witwatersrand

The initial payment for Wits students is R7,560 but if a student is unable to afford this, they can apply for a waiver until 31 March. Full tuition fees must be paid by the end of March and full residence fees must be paid by the end of July.

15. Rhodes University

Rhodents are expected to pay a registration fee (roughly 10 percent of tuition fees and where applicable 10 percent of residence fees), by 20 January 2017. The registration fee is R4,400 for tuition alone or R9,800 for both tuition and residence.

New and returning international students will be required to pay 50 percent of their tuition and residence fees for the year, by 20 January 2017. The balance of fees must be paid by the end of May. Extras must be paid on receipt of student fee statements.

Tuition for international students is R20,000, and for both tuition and residence is R45,000.

And the winner of Game of Fees goes to...

16. University of Cape Town

UCT requires students to pay an initial amount of R21,500 for tuition and res (or their full fees if they are lower than this figure) by 3 March. Non-South African students, who do not have permanent residence but who pay local fees such as students from a SADC country, must pay an additional R3,275 admin fee. The balance of all outstanding fees must be paid by 31 July.

Yep, it is what it is folks.

*The following universities' admissions offices were not available to confirm their 2017 registration fees and their websites were not updated in this regard: Sol Plaatje University, Mangosuthu University of Technology, University of Venda, University of KwaZulu-Natal, University of Mpumalanga, Walter Sisulu University and the University of Limpopo.

*In a previous version, this article stated UCT requires students to pay R21,500 for tuition (or their full fees if they are more or lower than this figure) by 5 February. And that the final fee was due by 30 June. This has since been corrected.