10/01/2017 13:26 SAST | Updated 10/01/2017 17:08 SAST

'2016 Was My Best Year,' Says 'Top Billing' Presenter Jonathan Boynton-Lee

At least someone had a good year.


It was a year of ups and downs for "Top Billing" presenter Jonathan Boynton-Lee. He snagged his first leading role in Hell Trip in 2016, but also broke up with girlfriend Jay Anstey. We caught up with Boynton-Lee to find out how things are going with him, heading into 2017.

We did not see much of you in 2016, how did you spend your year?
That's quite funny because I was sent a question from a publication the other day saying "You were one of the top googled local celebs of 2016. How do you always stay so relevant?" 2016 was my best year yet, so clearly not being seen is the way to go lol.

How would you describe the year in one word?

You recently posted a picture of Jay Anstey, your ex-girlfriend. Does this mean you are getting back together?
No, we aren't back together.

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Why did you decide to end things with Jay?
To cut a long story short, I'm just not ready for a relationship. There's still a lot of love there but timing is everything and the time now is not right. Sometimes you need to take a step back and work on yourself in order to become the perfect person for someone else, and be able to love them like they deserve to be loved, with everything you have.

Is there a new woman in your life?

What are your plans for 2017?
There's just too much to mention, it really is going to be an exciting year. Simba [Mhere] and I were going to start our own production company just before he died, and this is the year for me to do it and really continue his legacy with the kind of magic content we would have created together ... I'm also working on a movie script at the moment with some industry friends, which is going to be epic. Then of course there will be lots of exciting travel and new inspiring people to meet with my Top Billing fam. I've got another show airing soon, "Tropika Island of Treasure", which is going to be really exciting. Then, a movie I acted in last year is currently being distributed in America so hopefully will be coming here soon. I've got lots of charity and conservation work that I'm looking forward to doing as well. That's always the most rewarding.

Describe 2017 in one word.