10/01/2017 19:03 SAST | Updated 10/01/2017 19:06 SAST

Apparently Pearl Thusi Isn't Happy That Her Father Isn't Happy With Her Fiancé's Family. Yes, It's A Lot.

Hold on why we unpack this family drama for you.

According to reports, Pearl Thusi's dad is not happy about her fiancé, Robert Marawa's family treating her like their makoti - and judging by social media, she seems to be unhappy about him speaking to the press about her. It's a lot to unpack.

Thusi's father Bhekizizwe Thusi recently told the Sunday Sun newspaper that he is disappointed that Marawa has not paid lobola for his daughter and "accuses the Marawa family of disrespect".

Bhekizizwe told the Sunday Sun that "the Marawa family treats Pearl as their makoti. But they haven't united the two families in the traditional way," and said he is "still waiting for the Marawas to come for ilobolo negotiations."

Beautiful yet bitter goodbyes... 💖💖💖 You're a man a woman thought she could only ever dream of. I love you so much. You're my calm in every storm. 👑👑👑

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Thusi and Marawa confirmed their engagement last year, but her father says that while he knew about it, the couple have not confirmed when Pearl's in-laws-to-be were going to speak to him about following through with traditional customs. "I get the impression this family undermines me as Pearl's father," he told Sunday Sun.

The "Quantico" star seems to have responded to her father's comments on social media. In since-deleted tweets, Thusi spoke out about how 2017 began with "my own slinging mud at me & mine". Thusi, who is currently in New York filming the drama series in which she plays Dayana Mampasi, has also reportedly said that South African tabloids will "stop at nothing to destroy" her reputation.

It's not the first time Pearl has come up against the Sunday Sun. In August 2016 the press ombudsman ruled in her favour after she laid a complaint about an article where the newspaper alleged that she had bought her own engagement ring.

Bhekizizwe went on to tell the newspaper that he isn't sure if his daughter had gotten married "without his knowledge" and added that the Marawa family had failed to tell him about Robert's father, Frank Marawa's, death. He said that even Pearl did not tell him.

Thusi has spoken publicly about her difficult relationship with her father and in an interview on Anele Mdoda's talk show, "Real Talk With Anele", she said she "needed to teach" her father unconditional love, because of the tough relationship he had had with his mother.

When responding to the Sunday Sun's question about his relationship with his daughter, Bhekizizwe said that he did not want to talk about it, saying that he "raised her and did everything to my power to make her happy".


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Meanwhile Marawa's mother, Phumzile Zulu, told the Sunday Sun that the family "can't think of a wedding any time soon" as they are "still mourning" her husband.

Thusi and Marawa continue their long-distance relationship as she commutes between South Africa and the United States for work.