10/01/2017 18:13 SAST | Updated 10/01/2017 18:15 SAST

People Are Dubbing 'Bad And Boujee' Over Videos Of White People Dancing And It's Hilarious

"You know..."

Jake Gyllenhaal in a scene from the movie Demolition.

When Donald Glover big-upped rap group Migos at the Golden Globes on Monday, it was only a matter of time before their song 'Bad And Boujee' received a streaming boost on various music services.

But another upside is the number of hilarious video spoofs it has sparked.

Jake Gyllenhaal was one of many white celebrities at the awards show who looked downright confused by the reference. Not so in this video that dubbed the song over a scene from one of the actor's movies, Demolition, that has him jamming to the ear worm track.

The treatment didn't stop there, with more white guys getting in on the action in imaginary scenarios, such as this remixed scene from sitcom classic Friends.

And this take on a disco favourite:

Then there was this awkward performance by a Twitter user that saw her solely performing the interjections and ad libs in the song. It was so hilariously strange that it got a retweet from the band Migos itself.

It's not the first time the song has been dubbed. A previous take was paired somewhat inappropriately but oh so aptly with footage from the PBS cartoon "Sid the Science Kid".

For social media, this song is a gift that just keeps giving.