16/01/2017 09:17 SAST | Updated 16/01/2017 16:53 SAST

Atandwa And John Kani Are In Atlanta And All The Signs Point To Them Joining The 'Black Panther' Cast

The father and son team have taken Atlanta -- and possibly the Marvel Comics Universe too.

Anticipation is already mounting around Marvel Comics' "Black Panther" film that is set to be one of the biggest releases of 2018. Now, it seems the "first stand-alone black superhero movie" may be counting South Africa's "royal dynasty" of theatre as part of their cast as legend Dr John Kani and son Atandwa have jetted off to Atlanta this week. According to posts on Atandwa's social media feeds, the self-proclaimed "Prince of Theatre" will be filming a movie with his father. The two previously starred together in locally produced short film "The Suit", based on a short story about the life of South African journalist and writer, Can Themba.

The Royal Dynasty in Atlanta, Georgia... Yet another film we're both in... Wait for it!!

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While he kept the details of their project quiet, Atandwa's posts seem to indicate that father and son are likely going to be part of the cast. Atandwa posted a photo of himself with actor Sterling K Brown, who was recently announced as the newest cast member for the film. Filming for "Black Panther" (due for release in February 2018) started in Atlanta on January 15, 2017.

In the caption of the photo, Atandwa says that he is "working with" the Golden Globe nominee and Emmy winner.

John Kani is no stranger to the Marvel universe, after starring as Black Panther's (played by Chadwick Boseman) father King T'Chaka of Wakanda in "Captain America: Civil War". In the film, we hear Kani and Chadwick speak isiXhosa, after Kani insisted that an African superhero must speak an African language. It has been adopted as the language "for intimate scenes between T'Challa, the prince of Wakanda, and his father", directors Joe and Anthony Russo told Entertainment Weekly.

While the Kani men have not yet confirmed their involvement in the "Black Panther" project, it seems likely that Dr Kani will reprise his role as King T'Chaka of Wakanda. With news that the film features flashbacks of T'Challa's high school years, perhaps we will see Atandwa taking on the role of the young superhero.