20/01/2017 07:12 SAST | Updated 20/01/2017 07:30 SAST

Ariel Winter Poses For Untouched Shots In The Name Of Body Positivity

She also gives a shout out to a co-star who helped her accept her curves.

Ariel Winter of "Modern Family" accepts her body.

So much so that the 18-year-old who very publicly had breast reduction surgery in 2015, posed topless for Self. The stunning black-and-white photos, which were published on Jan. 19, are untouched and reveal the actress' surgical scars.

But getting to this positive point in her life was a struggle for Winter. The teen began her career on the popular ABC sitcom before she went through puberty and blossomed overnight, receiving criticism about her curvy body from a very young age.

Frazer Harrison via Getty Images
Ariel Winter in 2009, when "Modern Family" premiered. 

"It was hard for me in the beginning to deal with people's comments and deal with everybody having an opinion on absolutely everything I did," she told Self.

She then added, "But as I got older, I started to realize that as long as I'm positive in my life and as long as I feel good about my decisions and stick to how I feel and the things I want to do, that's what's most important. And that's what's going to get me through in life."

Winter also credits her co-star Sofia Vergara with emotionally supporting her as she physically developed.

I had a great role model in Sofia growing up, with her being a curvy woman that was super proud of who she was and what she looked like. Ariel Winter

"I had a great role model in Sofia growing up, with her being a curvy woman that was super proud of who she was and what she looked like," Winter told Self. "She could see that I was struggling a little bit with how to deal with my body, and was always trying to give me advice, like, 'Here are some brands that would look good on our body type,' or 'Wear whatever you want, and feel good about yourself.'"

With Vergara on her side, Winter found the confidence to embrace and love her body. In June of 2015, she had a procedure to reduce her breast size from 32F to a 34D. It was a decision the Winter says was one of the best of her life.

"This is how I was supposed to be," she told Glamour in 2015.

In 2016, Winter made headlines again when she proudly showed off her surgical scars at the SAG awards.

Dan MacMedan via Getty Images
Ariel Winter attends the 22nd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Explaining to decision to do this, she tweeted:

"[My scars] are part of me and I'm not ashamed of them at all."

Preach, girl, preach!