20/01/2017 09:56 SAST | Updated 20/01/2017 09:59 SAST

Behold Fiona Apple's Women's March Anthem, 'Tiny Hands'

Fully titled "We Don't Want Your Tiny Hands, Anywhere Near Our Underpants."

Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images via Getty Images
American singer-songwriter Fiona Apple performs with the Watkins Family Hour Band during a performance in celebration of the 50th anniversary of Bob Dylan's 'Highway 61 Revisited' album at the Lincoln Center Out of Doors AmericanaFest NYC at Damrosch Park Bandshell, New York, New York, August 8, 2015. Visible in the background is drummer Don Heffington. The concert featured a song-by-song performance of Dylan's album in its entirety. (Photo by Jack Vartoogian/Getty Images)

Fiona Apple has a strong message for the future President Donald Trump on the week of his inaugural celebrations.

"We don't want your tiny hands anywhere near our underpants," the singer chants on a new track released Tuesday for the Women's March on Washington planned for Jan. 21, the day after Trump's swearing-in ceremony. Over 200,000 people have indicated they will join the march, which will be accompanied by 370 "sister marches" in global cities.

The track, recorded on a phone, samples audio from the president-elect's infamous "Access Hollywood" tape, in which he and host Billy Bush are heard making lewd comments about women.

Trump's own words, "grab them by the pussy," can be heard followed by another gem, "you can do anything."

Apple has been a harsh critic of Trump in the past.

In December, the singer, known for hits like 1996's "Criminal," performed an anti-Trump "Christmas Song" parody called "Trump's Nuts Roasting on an Open Fire" at a benefit concert in Los Angeles.

After the final lyric, she yelled, "Donald Trump, fuck you!"

... Her fans went wild.