24/01/2017 14:44 SAST | Updated 25/01/2017 10:46 SAST

The Anti-Gay Pastor Somizi Called Out Was Hating On Women Too

Before his homophobic comments the visiting pastor had also gone on a women-bashing rampage over several minutes.

Bishop Dag Heward-Mills of Ghana preached at Grace Bible Church in Soweto on Sunday when he made homophobic remarks, saying that homosexuality is "unnatural" and motivating this by saying the animal kingdom was heterosexual by nature. Those comments led South African celebrity Somizi Mhlongo to storm out out of the sermon and express his outrage on social media, sparking off a public outcry.

However, before his homophobic comments the visiting pastor had also gone on a women-bashing rampage over several minutes.

The visiting pastor's sermon, titled "Why your soul is important", was about nourishing one's soul with spiritual wisdom. "When you wake up in the morning you can see that most Christians are not so much concerned about their souls because they spend so much time on the outside [...] They bath... and the ladies have many things to do as well; that's why they are always late... They paint their face, change their hair [...] wigs, Brazilian hair, Chilean hair, Peruvian hair[...] They change their breasts — make it bigger or smaller... They change, what is this place called, the hips and the thighs or whatever; also the stomach, I tell you, a stomach that is like is like this [gesticulating to indicate a big stomach], it does become flat".

He then went on to slam women who wear body-slimming underwear. "Many people feel that it is only men that have pot bellies but I tell you half of the people that have pot bellies are women, only, they have strapped it, they cannot even breath."

He also said that "when you leave things raw, like if you leave your hair raw, just as it is, you may not find someone to marry you, and if you leave your hips or whatever else as they are you may not get someone to marry you. All the curves they affect people[...]"

"That's why sometimes when people marry they are shocked... They say "Ah! Where is your hair? The breasts that you are seeing over here [pointing to his chest] are actually down here [pointing towards his hips]... it's all artificial."

And finally, he adds: "And you would have thought that it's only brothers who may sometimes don't like bathing but a lot of ladies don't like bathing."