26/01/2017 17:47 SAST | Updated 26/01/2017 18:32 SAST

Doomsday Clock: Humanity Is Closer To The Apocalypse Now Than At Any Point Since 1953

Scientists blamed rhetoric around nuclear weapons and climate change for the move.

Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

Since 1945, the Doomsday Clock has been used an indicator of how close humanity is to global catastrophe.

Well, we have some bad news. Today scientists announced that we are now just two and a half minutes from the apocalypse, closer than at any point since 1953, when the US decided to pursue the atomic bomb.

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists pointed the blame at Donald Trump, criticising rhetoric during the US election and thereafter about nuclear weapons and climate change.

In a statement, the experts said: "In 2017, we find the danger to be even greater [than last year], the need for action more urgent. It is two and a half minutes to midnight, the Clock is ticking, global danger looms. Wise public officials should act immediately, guiding humanity away from the brink. If they do not, wise citizens must step forward and lead the way."

The clock allows scientists to set a metaphorical time which counts down to midnight, which in this instance, means the world is ending.