30/01/2017 10:18 SAST | Updated 30/01/2017 12:49 SAST

Security Guard And Doorman Made To Feel Like A Celebrity

Mlungisi “Justice” Hlengla who had his tooth fixed, feels like a celebrity after his painting was featured in a KZNSA Gallery exhibition.

Chateux Gateux

Mlungisi "Justice" Hlengwa's smile is back, and now it's famous, too. According to The Times, a customer of Chateau Gateaux's pattiserie on Cowey Road in Duban, Fatima Vally, met the doorman and security guard, who told her how his missing tooth made him feel ugly. He lost his tooth eating an apple. Her husband, an orthodontist, fixed his smile for free.

And, according to the report in The Times, Hlengwa now "feels like a celebrity" after a painting of him was displayed.

But it was his toothless smile, displayed in the painting, that made his day, because Hlengwa isn't toothless anymore thanks to the kindness of a stranger. Now, a painting of Hlengwa before the surgery is being featured in the KZNSA Gallery exhibition, "Character". The artist, Daniela Grdseloff described Hlengwa to The Times as reminding her of chocolate.

"He is the character of chocolate," she said.

The newspaper featured a picture of Hlengwa, now no longer toothless, smiling next to his painting.

Click here to see the the painting.