01/02/2017 09:03 SAST | Updated 01/02/2017 09:13 SAST

Gigaba Has A List Of Questions On Migrant Labour He Wants To Answer

The Zimbabwean Special Permit, economic migrants, refugees and other checks will be done by home affairs.

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With the spotlight on immigration globally, the Department of Home Affairs is set to increase inspections of sectors where large numbers of migrant workers are employed, Business Day reported on Wednesday.

Gigaba reportedly said the South African government needed to "control the narrative" regarding the issue, which was becoming subject to right-wing opinions globally.

The paper quoted Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba saying government needed to "control the narrative" as the issue had become something now spoken about by right wing groups around the world.

Business Day said changes to the Refugee Act, which would redefine grounds for exclusion of refugee status, would be made in Parliament soon.

Mining, hospitality, agriculture and construction would be the sectors mostly targeted by increased inspections, he said.

According to Business Day, Gigaba met with representatives of the hospitality sector on Tuesday, where concerns were raised about distinguishing between "economic migrants and refugees".

Similar meetings are scheduled to take place with other sectors.

There had been widespread complaints about breaches of the Immigration Act and labour laws, the paper said.

The move has also prompted by complaints by Cosatu that a Chinese company had brought in Chinese workers "illegally", although the company concerned denied this. A probe into the allegations is ongoing, Business Day reported.

Gigaba said an announcement on the Zimbabwean Special Permit would be made in February.