03/02/2017 06:22 SAST | Updated 03/02/2017 07:18 SAST

Gerrie Nel Says AfriForum Is Doing A Good Job

Nel also commented on whether he agreed with AfriForum's views that apartheid was "a so-called historical injustice" or a "woolly concept".

Advocate Gerrie Nel believes AfriForum "is doing a good job".

He told The Huffington Post South Africa during an interview in Johannesburg on Thursday that the Afrikaner rights group does a lot for Afrikaners and the Afrikaans language, and that "as far as this is concerned, they are doing a good job".

Nel, most famous for putting away corrupt police commissioner Jackie Selebi and murderer Oscar Pistorius, joined AfriForum this week after a stellar career of more than 30 years at the National Prosecuting Authority. He will head up the Afrikaner rights organisation's newly established private prosecuting unit.

The "Bulldog", as he is known, has been criticised in some quarters for accepting a position at AfriForum, while it has been welcomed in others. During the interview on Thursday, Nel was pressed about his political beliefs and whether AfriForum's ideas accord with his own views. AfriForum has as its stated mission to ensure Afrikaners' have their "own future" in South Africa, as well as to to enable them to "live in peace with other communities".

Nel also commented on whether he agreed with AfriForum's views that apartheid was "a so-called historical injustice" or a "woolly concept", as stated by AfriForum and its leadership.

He also spoke about President Jacob Zuma's corruption charges sitting at Supreme Court of Appeals.

Nel's new unit at AfriForum will focus on criminal prosecutions by way of private prosecutions, a task, that Nel concedes will be difficult.

HuffPost SA will publish the full interview in four parts on Friday.

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