03/02/2017 07:55 SAST | Updated 03/02/2017 14:58 SAST

Who Doesn't Love An Easy Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe?

Ice cream. In a sandwich. What's not to love?

In our HuffPost Yum series we share short, sharp recipe videos showing you how to make some South African favourites, plus new dishes for you to try at home. Watch the video above to see it made and see more detailed instructions below. Enjoy.

Ice-cream sandwiches recipe


2 litres vanilla ice cream

1 large peppermint crisp chocolate, crushed

few drops of green food colouring

2 packets of flat square biscuits


1. Let the ice cream start to soften. Stir half the chocolate and a few drops of green food colouring into the ice cream.

2. Line a flat container with foil. Spread the ice cream into the container to form a layer 3cm thick. Freeze overnight.

3. Remove from the freezer and place the biscuits onto the ice cream.

4. Use a sharp knife and a ruler to cut along the edges of the biscuits.

5. Turn over onto a clean surface and peel away the foil. Stick the remaining biscuits onto the ice cream make ice-cream sandwiches.

6 .Dip two of the sides of each sandwich into the remaining crushed chocolate. Return to the freezer and freeze until ready to eat.