09/02/2017 20:38 SAST | Updated 10/02/2017 13:55 SAST

Brawl In Parliament As Opposition EFF Lawmakers Ejected During Sona 2017

Video: President Zuma's Sona speech gets underway only after opposition parties have gone.

South African lawmakers of the opposition Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party brawled with parliamentary orderlies as they were ejected from the chamber for interrupting President Jacob Zuma's state-of-the-nation speech on Thursday.

Scuffling spilled over into the precincts of the building, Reuters reporters saw, as the lawmakers, clad in their trademark red overalls, continued to push the orderlies ejecting them on the Speaker's orders.

Police fired stun grenades outside to disperse supporters of rival EFF and the ruling African National Congress (ANC) party.

The main opposition party the Democratic Alliance (DA) walked out of parliament, led by official opposition leader Mmusi Maimane.