09/02/2017 13:31 SAST | Updated 09/02/2017 15:46 SAST

DJ Zinhle Claps Back At Girl-Hate And We Love It

Yes, there's more than one man who buys flowers.


Last night, DJ Zinhle posted a picture of herself holding a bunch of pink roses and looking as lovely as ever. She captioned it telling how her beau Brendon Naidoo had surprised her with a lovely dinner table laden with rose petals and a bunch of roses waiting for her.

Two days earlier, Bonang had posted a similar picture on Instagram with flowers and a teddy bear delicately placed next to a picture frame of herself and her bae AKA — Zinhle's ex and father of her child, Kairo. The two split a little under two years ago in a very public onslaught involving a love-triangle with Bonang, which carried through into much of 2016. DJ Zinhle's Instagram story, which bears close resemblance to Bonang's earlier Instagram story, sparked much public debate after a random woman made a snarky comment: "Zinhle my love let's not be too obvious. A certain someone posted a similar picture 2 days ago."

She responded with this in the comments section:

"I didn't know other people also walked into dinner and found rose petals and roses waiting for them if they did. Good for them. My man did something amazing and I posted it. I love flowers & my man knows it. Couples buy each other flowers all the time. I am sure there are a million other men who bought flowers for their women. I know that it is entertaining for you & your friends to think that I do things to compete with anyone. Unfortunately I'm too old and I would never do that to my man. As much as you say you didn't mean it in a malicious way, yes you did. You are not the first one, I've seen a lot of women who've never been through what I've been through share unkind words and think it's okay cause I'm just a celebrity. I'm actually more than that, I'm a woman who had to pick up the pieces for her shattered life. I forgave myself and moved on. I worked on my healing and God blessed me with a beautiful man but people like you don't think I suffered enough so you come here looking for other ways to make sure I'm in more hurt. It won't work. I have moved on and I suggest you do too. God bless you. I hope you don't do this to your friends. Would be so sad to have a friend who does what you just tried to do".

From there it turned into a public discussion about how women are constantly trying to tear each other down, looking for negative reasons and judgement in the process. The woman who started the spat later sent an apology following the tumbling in of messages of support for Zinhle from women around the country, telling her that she's an "amazing woman and mother so continue to shine on" and encourged her not to "drop [her] crown".