09/02/2017 22:28 SAST | Updated 10/02/2017 06:45 SAST

One Word To Describe Thabo Mbeki's Face In The Gallery During Sona 2017 — Unimpressed

Well, can you blame him?

Twitter/ Mninawa Ntloko

From the minute President Jacob Zuma walked through the doors of Parliament's chambers, it was clear he was not going to have an easy night. The Economic Freedom Fighters chanted "tsotsi", the ANC tried to shout "ANC" over them and everything went downhill from there. Watching from the gallery the whole time? Former president Thabo Mbeki — and he didn't look impressed at all.

Enough said.......... #SONA2017 pic.twitter.com/BNazsXPnAr

Of course everyone tried to guess what Mbeki must be thinking to himself.

We asked people to say what he was thinking in one word.

This guy made a whole sentence one word. He's our favourite. 😂