10/02/2017 11:53 SAST | Updated 10/02/2017 15:39 SAST

Pearl Thusi Thinks Buying Your Man A PlayStation This Valentine's Day Is Gender Equality

Also, don’t buy her roses.

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SCAD

Move over Gloria Steinem, there's a new gender equality activist in town.

TimesLive quoted a new blog post by Thusi, in which she shared her thoughts on Valentine's Day. In it, she advised women to do something "insane" for their men. Because gender equality.

"Get him that latest PlayStation, listen to the frivolous needs of your man as well ... Iron his shirt that morning even if you're not that kinda girl (note –- don't burn it honey). Just go out of your way," she wrote.

"The truth is -– while chivalry will always be welcomed, if we hope gender equality will be achieved, we must also level the playing field on these days," Pearl added.

Pearl also revealed that she does not like roses, as they are "dead bodies".

"Give me a plant with roots and soil and stuff," she said.

"I won't say no to roses or any other flower, they're beautiful, but please don't assume I should be extremely excited. I just think, 'Congratulations, you just played yourself. You wasted money!' The thought still counts though."

She also wrote that Valentine's Day has in the past been stressful for her but she was calmer about it now.

Must be that level playing field.