14/02/2017 12:34 SAST | Updated 15/02/2017 11:59 SAST

7 More WTF Things Black Women Hear When Dating White People

Everyone needs to just calm down and mind their own business, ok?

Yesterday as part of our Modern Love series we published a story about 11 of the worst things black women have heard when they were dating white people. The resonated with our readers and since it was published women have been sending us their stories. This is what they had to say.

1. Why didn't you stick to your own kind?

That's what they taught us in apartheid. Do you really want to take us back there?

2. But you're not white, how does it work?

Do you ask heterosexual people how they make it work with people of the opposite sex?

3. Do you really believe they'll marry you?

Well, if they believe in marriage, then it's not an unbelievable concept.

4. None of his exes look like you, do you know that?

Unless I have a secret twin, none of his exes could ever look like me.

5. Oh so they've traveled? That explains it.

Lol! Yes, let's take all white people on enlightenment trips so they'll start dating black women.

6. Weren't there any good black boys left?

"I grabbed the first good boy I could find and when the lights went on - gasp - he was white. My bad."

7. Do his parents know he's with you?

Slow down there, when did our parents get involved?

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