20/02/2017 16:05 SAST | Updated 21/02/2017 08:24 SAST

17 Of The Most Hilarious Tweets From #AskThePublicProtector

Someone even pulled up a question from #AskMmusi😂

Deaan Vivier/Foto24/Gallo Images/Getty Images
Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane

*Sigh* when will people learn that Twitter Q&As are a bad idea?

Today The Public Protector's office embarked on a "listening campaign" and part of it was a question and answer session on Twitter.

Public Protector advocate Busisiwe Mkhwebane has had a shaky start to her term in office and even she admitted it in this tweet and added she'd been enjoying it.

It was just a matter of time though before people made the trending topic about everything other than Mkhwebane's actual job and this guy called it.

These are 17 of the most hilarious tweets from the hashtag.

  • 1. An unanswered question from #AskMmusi
    #AskThePublicProtector What is this called? I did #AskMmusi last year as well, but no answer from him ☹️ https://t.co/e7uxhNpL2l
  • 2. A mistake her predecessor made, shame
    #AskThePublicProtector Do you know who Oros is?
  • 3. Reference to the tea spilled by Malema at #SONA2017
    #AskThePublicProtector did you also slaughter a cow like mbete?
  • 4. Questions we've needed answers to since we were little
    Why did this go blunt when I blew in it #AskThePublicProtector https://t.co/yCKjLzUlKy
  • 5. We need to know where the pots are
    #AskThePublicProtector where are the pots? this never got investigated.
  • 6. Also where is Saxonwold Sebeen?
    Where's the Saxonwold Shebeen? #AskThePublicProtector https://t.co/hqyKGc3Dsb
  • 7. Remember when Solly Moekoetle went missing?
    Where was he when he suddenly appeared at the hospital? #AskThePublicProtector https://t.co/0VNoUC6bsw
  • 8. What kind of sorcery is leading to our MPs sleeping in parly?
    #AskThePublicProtector Why Do We Have Sleepist In The Parliment??😂😂😂😂 https://t.co/u9OK0PZysq
  • 9. Was it really so important to have this conversation?
    What's Mahlobo telling Zuma & Mabuza here? #AskThePublicProtector https://t.co/mZf2eKyUkl
  • 10. If Brian Molefe could, so can everyone else no?
    #AskThePublicProtector Can i also cry my way to Parliament???.... https://t.co/pc4rZb34lA
  • 11. Also this one 😒
    What are your thoughts on Kasi Mlungu? And when we get our land back will she be included? #AskThePublicProtector https://t.co/68fYBQTVkt
  • 12. Where are Uncle Gweezy's hands?
    Who is Uncle Gwede's tailor? #AskThePublicProtector https://t.co/SbPiSg9pWB
  • 13. The billion rand question
    Are Orlando Pirates fans able to pronounce the name ( Kjell Jonevret) of their new coach? #AskThePublicProtector
  • 14. All we ever see are the shoes and hands
    #AskThePublicProtector who drives the @DateMyFamilySA car?
  • 15. I mean really, people are always crying there. What are they waiting for?
    When will Khumbul'ekhaya provide tissues for the people on their show? #AskThePublicProtector https://t.co/f6KKKxKu6n
  • 16. Hehehe. We've beeeeeeen waiting.
    #AskThePublicProtector Will Shaka ever produce the receipts regarding the R50 million as he said? https://t.co/gSnyadw3or
  • 17. She's been telling us we're broke for so long
    #AskThePublicProtector How old is tht MTN lady that likes to say "u have insufficient airtime to make this call, please load airtime"