20/02/2017 16:12 SAST | Updated 20/02/2017 16:52 SAST

A Nigerian Gym Tried To Gross People Out With A Tweet About Pizza. It Didn't Go As Planned.

Everybody knows that you don't come between the people and their pizza. You just don't, yo. 🍕🍕🍕

LeoPatrizi via Getty Images

Pizza is one of the five major food groups. Some say it was brought down from the mountain by Moses himself. It is the muse of poets and the sustenance of warriors.

In a word, pizza is life. It is everything. It is the people.

But some people, who are counter-revolutionaries and also allergic to happiness, will always try to have their miserable say. Like Naija Gym, who tried to have a go at the people's food on Twitter.

It didn't go as they might have expected. Twitter, do your thing:

Two slices at a time even, mate. My mouth is big enough. There was a scientific test and everything. (It also involved beer pong played with bubbly, a story for another day.)

Pizza oil technically qualifies as a lube.

*Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds plays in the background as pizza grease drips off my chin onto my bare chest*

The epitaph shall read: he died as he lived.

And some extremists are just here for the warm oil, man.

Never change, Twitter. We'll all die young and happy.