23/02/2017 11:24 SAST | Updated 23/02/2017 13:09 SAST

This Twitter Thread Of R. Kelly And Usher's 'Same Girl' Is All You Need Today

These gifs are hilarious.


"Same Girl" by R.Kelly and Usher is officially 10 years old in 2017.

Yep, if you remember the release vividly then maybe this little fact will freak you out a bit. If you came to terms with the fact that you're getting older and starting to remember things in decades then you're just fine. Either way, this Twitter thread is going to cheer you up and take you on a short trip down memory lane.

Quick history for those among us who may not know this song: R. Kelly calls Usher to tell him about this new woman he's dating. At some point Usher realises that the descriptors Kels is using, are of someone he knows. In fact, the someone he knows is his girlfriend too.

We're not sure if this is where the trend actually started but it was on of the top tweets on the thread so we'll start here.

Nick posted a line from the lyrics where Usher starts to wonder why there are so many similarities between the woman Robert is describing and the woman he's dating.

This was soon followed by a tweet with a continuation of lyrics a little further into the song.

After that, people caught on and added to the lyrics making Nick trend in a couple of cities and states Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, New Orleans and Boston (U.S.). Here are a couple more of the tweets.

Also we all know the end of the music video was a lie, right? There's no way they were twins. 😒