27/02/2017 11:47 SAST | Updated 03/03/2017 15:09 SAST

7 Of The Most Powerful Quotes From Sipho Pityana's Open Letter To Brian Molefe

"Your handlers are well-known, thanks to the Public Protector."

Businessperson and Save South Africa convener Sipho Pityana on Monday published an open letter to newly-minted Member of Parliament Brian Molefe. Molefe was sworn in on Friday.

The letter, published on Daily Maverick and News24 addresses the former Eskom CEO's previous accomplishments, saying: "I have watched your rise to leadership roles with great admiration, respect and pride."

"In you I had a role model for many and a shining example of black leadership," he said.

"When you resigned from your position as CEO of Eskom last November I, like many others, had hoped you were being true to your word –- that you were quitting 'in the interests of good corporate governance', and acting 'in the public interest'," said Pityana.

Molefe was at one time praised for bringing Eskom back from the brink of crisis, but he resigned as CEO of Eskom at the end of 2016 following the release of the public protector's "State of Capture" report, in which he was implicated as having a close relationship with the Gupta family.

Here are seven of the most potent quotes from Pityana's letter that really hit home.

[February 23] will mark the day you tossed aside your own integrity and foolishly opted to be a tool of state capture rather than an instrument of democracy.

You have thrown away what was – at least until recently – an excellent track record as a young black professional who was actively involved in shaping our new democracy, where the Constitution is sacrosanct and where the resources of the state are used to advance the cause of the poor and the marginalized.

But you've sold all that for a place at the high table of the forces of state capture who have deployed you to Parliament with an ultimate intention of a Cabinet role to carry out their dirty work.

Three months since you stepped down, "Honourable Member", it is clear that you have done very little reflection, and you have absolutely no public interest – only your own interests, and those of your handlers.

Your handlers are well-known, thanks to the Public Protector. They are the people who stand at the centre of an elaborate web of corruption, collusion and looting. With our corrupt President, Jacob Zuma, the worst president in the history of the ANC and post apartheid South Africa, at the epicenter.

Your appointment as a Member of Parliament is living proof that the Zuma administration does not punish corrupt conduct – it rewards it.

Soon, you may have unfettered access to the public purse, and you and your handlers may be able to sign off on the trillion-rand nuclear energy deal, with all its kickbacks. I fear that you may be able to divert even more public money into your pockets from tenders, and be able to use state-owned companies as your personal piggy-banks.