28/02/2017 10:14 SAST | Updated 01/03/2017 08:53 SAST

Black Coffee and Fan Record A Song Together And His Kids Love it

UCT graduate and musician asked Black Coffee if he would record with her and he agreed. Black Coffee later played it for his kids and they loved it.


DJ Black Coffee made a big fan's dream come true on Monday when he followed through on a promise to record a song with her in Cape Town.

Last week, University of Cape Town sound production graduate and part-time musician Yoza Mnyanda tweeted a video of herself performing her own song "Save Me From Me" on campus. She retweeted it and this time asked Black Coffee how many retweets of her video she would need for him to agree to record with her. He replied "let's do it" and started making plans.

The two went into studio together on Monday and recorded a new song that is yet to be named. Black Coffee even played it for his kids later that day, and tweeted a video of them jamming to it.

Correction: A previous version of this article said Mnyanda was a cinematography graduate and that she and Black Coffee recorded a remix of her song which was incorrectly named "Save Me From You".