07/03/2017 19:24 SAST | Updated 07/03/2017 19:24 SAST

18 Feminist T-Shirts That Are Perfect For Fighting The Patriarchy

Why wear a plain old T-shirt when you can wear one that fights the patriarchy?

The insurgence of feminist merchandise available for purchase in recent months is more timely now than ever during Women’s History Month. And there’s no better way to celebrate such a momentous occasion than by declaring your feminist values on your wardrobe for everyone to see.

Thus, we have rounded up 18 of our favorite feminist T-shirts below, perfect for speaking your truth. 

Excuse us while we drain our bank accounts. 

  • 1 Feminism Back By Popular Demand
    Angie Toner/Etsy
    $20; buy it here.
  • 2 Girls Support Girls
    Hello Holiday
    $35; buy it here.
  • 3 Waves of Feminism
    $35; buy it here.
  • 4 Nevertheless She Persisted
    GandBam Apparel/Etsy
    $22.99; buy it here.
  • 5 GRL PWR
    Wildhearts USA/Etsy
    $15.95; buy it here.
  • 6 Woman, Woman, Woman, Woman
    The Wing
    $40; buy it here.
  • 7 Pussy Stronger Than God
    Pussy Stronger Than God
    $60; buy it here.
  • 8 Women Now
    I Feel Like Hillz
    $25; buy it here.
  • 9 Nasty Woman
    I Feel Like Hillz
    $30; buy it here.
  • 10 Taurus "Boobs" Print Top
    Gravel Gold
    $88; buy it here.
  • 11 Feminist AF
    $21; buy it here.
  • 12 A Woman's Place Is In The Resistance
    $11.99; buy it here.
  • 13 Women Are Smarter
    Its A Sickness Productions
    $100; order by e-mail here.
  • 14 RBG Dissent
    $21.99; buy it here.