12/03/2017 08:48 SAST | Updated 12/03/2017 09:10 SAST

Cape Doctor Sends Cyclists Packing With High Winds

Cape Cycle Tour Cancelled Due To Dangerously High Winds.

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Cape Cycle Tour 2017 ends in heavy winds so cyclists head home again.

The Cape Cycle Tour was cancelled on Sunday morning due to extreme wind.

The organisers cancelled it early on Sunday for safety reasons, pulling riders off the road.

The first riders had already started so they had to be taken off the route.

The organisers had earlier warned that wind was expected.

"We, at the Cape Town Cycle Tour, are doing our best wind dances to keep the Cape Doctor at bay," said the organisers on the official Cape Town Cycle Tour website.

Cape roads were reopened and the cycle facilities closed down.

The organisers said safety considerations ruled.

Several bystanders tweeted footage of cyclists struggling against the wind.

So the cyclists all headed home again, but not on their bicycles.