14/03/2017 10:21 SAST | Updated 14/03/2017 12:23 SAST

It's Always Snack Time With These Tender Chicken Nuggets And Chutney Sauce

Simple. Succulent. Scrumptious.

In our HuffPost Yum series we share short, sharp recipe videos showing you how to make some South African favourites, plus new dishes for you to try at home. Watch the video above to see this made and see more detailed instructions below. Enjoy!

Tender chicken nuggets with chutney sauce recipe

Preparation time: 15 minutes, plus marinating time

Cooking time: about 15 minutes


250ml amazi

5ml chicken spice

1ml ground piri-piri (optional)

2 cloves garlic, crushed

4 chicken breast fillet, cubed

100ml cake flour

300ml dried breadcrumbs

sunflower oil, for deep-frying

125ml mayonnaise

125ml chutney


1 Mix the amazi, chicken spice, piri-piri (if using) and garlic together in a large bowl.

2 Add the chicken cubes. Set aside to marinate for 1 hour or overnight.

3 Mix the flour and breadcrumbs together in a bowl.

4 Dip each piece of chicken into the breadcrumb mixture and then deep-fry in batches in hot oil until golden and cooked through. Drain on absorbent paper.

5 Mix the mayonnaise and chutney together to make a dipping sauce for the chicken nuggets.