21/03/2017 14:03 SAST | Updated 22/03/2017 07:35 SAST

Spur Attack Victim: They Took My Numbers And That's Where It Ended

'I had no intentions of posting the footage but when Spur didn't make a follow up, I posted it.'


The woman at the centre of a video of an altercation between two parents at Spur at The Glen says no one at the restaurant tried to help her, which is why she decided to post the video.

In the video posted on Facebook, Lebohang Mabuya, the mother of one of the children, and the unidentified father of another child were involved in a heated argument at the Texamo Spur at the Glen Shopping Centre, in southern Johannesburg.

"Nobody from Spur intervened except for the two waiters [who] came when [the father] pulled the table. The manager [went] after that guy and his family," Mabuya said in a message to The Huffington Post South Africa on Facebook on Tuesday.

"I had no intentions of posting the footage but when Spur didn't make a follow up, I posted it."

When asked if she was contacted afterwards, Mabuya said: "They took my numbers and that's where it ended."

The video of the altercation circulated on social media. Mabuya explained that her child and the man's child were involved in a scuffle earlier on. She said her child had complained to her on several occasions that they were fighting. She then told her child to sit at the table and not play.

"[The children] went back and when the guy's daughter slapped her, my daughter retaliated. That is when that customer came to our table and shouted, saying my daughter banged his daughter's head against the wall. I asked him if it was OK for his daughter to hit my child, and I told him I [didn't react before this] because kids will be kids. He grabbed my kid by the arm and told his daughter to hit her. When I stood up to take my daughter away from him he called me [a] p*es and said f*ck you," she said.

At some point in the video, a woman who might be the person recording the incident is heard telling a man: "Mo tlogele ba tla thusa ba mo Spur." (Leave him, the Spur people will help). Nobody helped.

Mabuya said the woman shot the video when she saw the altercation was getting out of hand.

"I do not condone the language I used. I'm a mother and Spur is a family restaurant. All my kids were traumatised and they still are ... I'm sincerely sorry for the vulgar [language]," Mabuya said.

The owner of the Spur, Brett Milligan, told HuffPost SA there were five managers on site at the time. He said during the fight, the managers were tending to customers who were walking out of the restaurant because they were upset. When asked if he had issued any new directives to staff to prevent a situation like this happening again, Milligan said he could offer no comment.

Meanwhile, Spur banned the yet to be identified man from their restaurants nationwide. The restaurant chain released a statement about the incident, and was not immediately available to comment to HuffPost SA.