25/03/2017 12:06 SAST | Updated 25/03/2017 12:06 SAST

Macka B Is Spreading The Good Word About Veggies

Reggae musician Macka B is spreading the good word about vegetables in his 'Wha Me Eat Wednesday' and Medical Monday videos on Twitter and YouTube.

If you've ever wanted to find out more about cucumber (for example, that it's 95.2 percent water), or pomegranate (bet you didn't know it's an aphrodisiac), then look no further.

In Medical Monday, Macka B's focus shifts from healthy eating to healthy living, as seen below in his recent 'Exercise is Medicine' video.

After the success of his 'Cucumba' video, Macka B launched his own #CucumbaDanceChallenge to promote his healthy eating message, and it's quickly starting to spread.