26/03/2017 10:42 SAST | Updated 26/03/2017 12:56 SAST

Now Ford Faces Insurance Companies Over That Kuga

Months after the official recall, the insurers are taking a look.


Two insurance businesses are planning legal action against Ford South Africa over vehicles fires which the insurers had received claims over, reported the Sunday Times.

Ford SA announced a vehicle recall of the faulty Kuga EcoSport model, which was sold only in South Africa, on January 16. This followed reports of dozens of vehicles spontaneously catching fire; Ford said that 39 vehicle fires were linked to the problem and, after months of complaints, set up the recall and repairs.

Auto & General and Dialdirect together dealt with three claims arising from fires in Kuga EcoSport SUVs, reported the Sunday Times. Both are now looking at legal action against Ford. Ford told the Sunday Times that only one of the three cases was an EcoSport and the other two were the EcoBoost.

On January 18, the Huffington Post South Africa reported on what the Ford dealers were doing to fix the faulty vehicles.

Ford was criticised at the time for being too slow to respond to customers' concerns.