30/03/2017 13:00 SAST | Updated 03/04/2017 09:09 SAST

Here's Everything That's Wrong With Cassper Nyovest's 'Tito Mboweni' Music Video

Surely R10 notes aren't the best sign of a whole lot of money? 🤔


The "Tito Mboweni" music video has dropped and of course it's making waves on social media with some people revering it for it's "clean look." Yes, the video is shot well but we have just have one concern.

OK so from what we've gathered Cassper Nyovest's "Tito Mboweni" song is all about having money. Some of the lyrics mention hopping in a "Rarri", "rocking" Versace and smelling like Dior "(Fah Fah)".

In US rap and hip hop music references to money often revolve around the phrase "it's all about the Benjamins" -- also the name of a Diddy song from the '90s when he still went by Puff Daddy. Lest we digress into a conversation about Diddy's everchanging identity, let's get back to the issue at hand.

The phrase ultimately alludes to the $100 note which has Benjamin Franklin's face on it. A sign of mad wealth. Surely, in South Africa, the equivalent would be a R200 "Randela" note? It's the highest valued note we have here and since every note has Nelson Mandela's face on it, the way we differentiate from the notes is the colours and the animals -- an advantage American music videos have over us seeing as all their money looks the same.

So when we saw a whole lot of green notes flying around the "Tito Mboweni" video we were a little disappointed -- to say the least.

How are you "killing the game" with a wad of R10 notes?

Sure every now and then Cassper gets his "sha sha" on to a couple of R100 and R200 notes.

But the green is just too much to bare. Even in this classic Scrooge McDuck "swim in your money move", there just isn't enough money for this guy to "make his angels in".

They either should have made the framing of the shot a lot tighter or just had enough money.

And if they were gonna go with the "we don't have enough notes" option then at least make it sexy, or make sure they're of high value like Beyonce.

Even if Cass couldn't get his hands on a whole lot of R200 notes, he could have at least had fakes? Or is it about the authenticity?

Whatever the reason those notes were not a good look, especially because we know they weren't even Tito Mboweni originals.

Chris Alleaume
Tito Mboweni notes

Mboweni's notes didn't have Madiba's face on them 😒.

Maybe he'll be more impressed than we were. He has been quite vocal about this track after all.