10/04/2017 09:32 SAST | Updated 10/04/2017 09:37 SAST

LGBT People Share The Things Straight And Cisgender People Don't Understand About Them

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The world is full of a beautiful mix of people, but unfortunately our differences can sometimes mean we struggle to understand each other.

On Reddit, people from the LGBT+ community have been sharing the misconceptions straight and cisgender people sometimes have about them.

From the naive to the downright insulting, here are just a few of the examples.

"Just because you know another gay person does not mean we're suited for each other romantically or even as friends."

- Hyndmandy

"Most of us are 100% indistinguishable from straight people, you just notice the ones that aren't. The stereotypical gay person you see on TV is a small but very vocal minority in the gay community."

- BalloonSponge

"I'm a lesbian and I constantly have people (always straight people...) ask us who the guy is. We are lesbians. There is no guy. That is the whole point of lesbians."

- NewsiesOnAMission

"Just because I like other men, doesn't mean I like you."

- RekNepZ

"Something my parents don't want to understand: No, just because I'm bi I will not break up with my SO and find someone of the opposite sex to get married and make kids. Just no."

- KaiSuki

"Coming out isn't a one time thing, it happens forever, essentially with most new people we meet, often gauging whether it's worth it or not."

- mattie4fun

"I've had straight people ask me why gay people need gay bars. I've had straight people tell me that gay people like to flaunt their gayness. I wish straight people realised that they flaunt their straightness literally all the time. Almost every TV show, movie or song is about straight/heterosexual sex. The minute I'm publicly gay I get branded an activist. Hate that."

- wackattackyo

"My bisexuality is not a phase. I knew I was attracted to the same gender before I did anything remotely sexual. I am not greedy or a slut because I like more than one gender. I don't have to 'pick one' (some gay/lesbian people have problems seeing this, too). I'm bothered by erasure in the media. I hate feeling like my straight relationship delegitimises my sexuality."

- ohwhatirony

"For straight people who say 'why isn't there a straight pride parade?' there is - it's called every day of your life."

- NYArtFan1

"I hate it when I (a man) introduce myself and my male fiancé, and someone says something along the lines of 'oh you're... hey man that's cool no judgment here'. I know you're trying to be accepting and nice, but it's awkward and to be honest, I don't really care about your opinion on such things after I just met you. Just say 'hello, nice to meet you' like a normal person, since that's all I am... just another person."

- MisterKXX

"Not everyone carries a chip on their shoulder; I'm trans and just want to be left the hell alone - using the bathroom isn't a political statement, I just have to go."

- SleepNowMyThrowaway

"I don't want to have a threesome with you and your boyfriend, and you're not invited when my girlfriend and I are together. My life isn't your weird porn fantasy."

- nenya-narya-vilya

"My correcting you on my pronouns isn't an attack, I don't want special treatment, I'm not some crazy special snowflake. I'm just transgender, and I just want to be comfortable in my own body."

- Donteventrytomakeme

"I'm transgender. We're included in the lesbian/gay/bi acronym, but gender identity actually has nothing to do with sexual orientation. My identity isn't sexually motivated."

- allygolightlly