19/04/2017 17:45 SAST | Updated 19/04/2017 19:38 SAST

Serena Williams Is 20 Weeks Pregnant

The tennis superstar posted a picture of her little bump with the caption "20 weeks."

Serena Williams.
Thomas Peter / Reuters
Serena Williams.

On Wednesday, Front Page Editor of The Huffington Post, Philip Lewis, tweeted that 23 Grand Slam singles winner Serena Williams was pregnant.

Lewis posted a screenshot of Williams taking a photograph of her profile with the caption "20 weeks."

The news that the tennis superstar, 35, had won the Australia Open while pregnant amazed fans.

While most women are hit with extreme fatigue while in the early stages of their pregnancy.

The athlete took to Snapchat to share a photo of her little bump while wearing a yellow swimsuit on Wednesday. The athlete is engaged to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, 33.

"It feels good,' she said of the engagement in January, reported The Daily Mail.

"I really haven't thought about it too much, because I wasn't even really gonna think about it until after the tournament.

"So, I just keep saying, 'February, I'll start looking at the bigger picture of my life.' But right now I'm just so focused that this is all I can think about."