27/04/2017 07:54 SAST | Updated 27/04/2017 07:59 SAST

Blind Dating And Awkward Romance

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Dating can be a perilous time for all of us, I like to think I'm a good guy, well educated, good job and apparently not bad to look at, but like anyone else, I have the same issues when it comes to dating. Mine however are just so funny at times that I had to write about it, here it is...

Dating and romance, here we go, buckle up everyone, it's going to be a bumpy ride. If you can excuse the pun there I would like to talk about the miserable world of dating. I hate it, I am not good at it and it makes me feel awkward. God I am a catch with my sweaty forehead and clammy hands. Ok, so I will take you out for a meal and you can watch me bat some peas around my plate and observe as gravy drips off my beard onto my un-ironed shirt because I was too afraid to burn my fingers whilst ironing it. Good times indeed. Do you want me to walk you home? Tough, I can't find my way home without you.

This is just the start of the crazy world of dating that I have found myself in. It's all well and good to pull out a chair for your lady or even opening the door for her, but you got to find the damn thing first. So as you're trying to impress her with your normal personality and charm, the inevitable problems of sight loss which you are desperately trying not to show, all come crashing around you. The nerves jangle, The wine bottle gets knocked over, you look silly groping around doors, you walk into the wrong toilets and you most likely trip over a step banging into the Jones's on table four with their kids laughing at you. Great date, we should do it again sometime.

That's it, you failed, better get back onto POF or Tinder to get rejected by every other unemployed single mum in the northern hemisphere. Ok, here we go again. I managed to lure the last one with some cheeky one liners, after a whole load of pointless pandering to each other we realize that yes, you are the one for me. So we do it all over again. Repeat stage one and fail all over again. This dating lark is tough.

If I can offer a word of advice, don't ever do speed dating without research first. The bars can be dark, and there is a lot of movement. Not the good kind of movement either. Check to see if there are mirrors on the wall, as good looking as you may be, you aren't going to get anywhere by chatting up yourself in the mirror. Lastly, try to be sure that the person you are talking to is indeed of the right sexuality that you desire. It's awful when you are chatting up someone thinking it's a girl and then your mates come over to inform you that in fact it's a dude with long hair and skinny jeans. These blokes should be banned. If you ask me. It's just too confusing.

So yes, I am still single. I don't expect this post is going to help my chances of finding anyone anytime soon but hey, somethings you just have to get off your chest right? At the end of it all, I just find that online dating is very judgmental. It has turned me into a left swiper sometimes just because the girl is on there with a picture of a bloke, could be her dad for all I know. But for some reason my brain is going into overload and my finger just can't stop but swipe left and say know. That's another potential love match gone. Ah well, there's only another three billion or so women left on the planet to get rejected by. But there is someone for everyone so she has to be out there somewhere right? If you see her can you let her know I am waiting? Chances are I will end up living with 52 cats in a bungalow crying into a pillow.

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