03/05/2017 18:00 SAST | Updated 03/05/2017 18:00 SAST

The T-Shirt Taking Over Our Timelines

Take one covetable T-shirt and four of our favourite feeds. Equals style heaven.

Spree/ The Thread

What does it take to make a trend? Analysts and researchers will spin a multitude of theories, but for us it's pretty simple. Take four of the most stylish feeds that we follow, add one ultra covetable top and there we go. It's added to our carts and we're ready to live in Levi's like Lulama and Co.

The T-shirt that has us dreaming about weekend getaways -- the kind that takes place in a beaten up Volkswagen minibus with a soundtrack that lends itself towards the dreamy side of life -- sports a 70's throwback mood, a flattering fit and just enough street cred to keep things relevant instead of retro.

Or, as Raya Rossi of The Visual Journal puts it: "Let's say a slightly more affordable option to insta-famous Gucci, while still holding enough heritage to knock you to the floor." Let's just say we're definitely picking up what Ms Rossi is putting down. We're giving her full points and a round of applause emojis for her norm-core cool styling.

If we're throwing back to the 70s, Raya would be skateboarding along the Miami beachfront in her Levi's tee, ice-cream cone in one hand and a peace sign in the other. Just off into the distance, disco lights flicker. That's where you'll find Lulama Wolf breaking it down to some Bee Gees, ruling the dance floor in her block heels and cooler-than-cool attitude. Glamour is in her bloodstream, and her styling of a simple shirt proves this once more.

Find your way.

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Then there's the girl with the most covetable shoe collection in the country. Amy's Insta-fans are addicted to this girl's ethereal imagery and always on-point style game. Case in point; the addition of suede boots to go with her logo tee.

Modern day classics ⚡️The @levis_southafrica Orange Tab collection is here 💘

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And as for Miss Twiggy Moli? She embraces the throwback nature of the tee, and styles herself into what we can only describe as "Vogue Cover Girl 1972". Stacked heels and shades bring just the right attitude to the slogan T-shirt. Please excuse us will we fan ourselves. The flames are everywhere!

an aesthetic. orange tab collection now available in-store. 📸: @bashvision #liveinlevis #ladiesinlevis

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