03/05/2017 15:29 SAST | Updated 09/05/2017 16:32 SAST

Fight Breaks Out In Parliament During Debate On Radical Economic Transformation

The scuffle happened after Black First Land First (BFLF) head Andile Mngxitama gave a presentation on a new economic plan.

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A scuffle broke out between Black First Land First (BFLF) head Andile Mngxitama and Standing Committee on Finance chairperson Yunus Carrim on Wednesday during public hearings on economic transformation.

Mngxitama had given a presentation calling for the creation of a new national economic plan based on the theories espoused by Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba's controversial adviser Chris Malikane, reported Fin24.

A scuffle apparently broke out after Mngxitama started giving Carrim -- a member of the Communist Party -- a lecture on Marxism. Democratic Alliance finance spokesperson David Maynier tweeted a picture:

Media24's parliamentary editor Janet Heard said it was just "another day in parliament":

"The Guptas' foot-soldiers, the BFLF came here, with ANN7 in tow, to provoke and disrupt with their so-called Malikane Proposals," Maynier told Fin24:

"He [Carrim] doesn't agree with us because of the Communist Party," said Mngxitama. "They are a faction for white monopoly capital.

"Our presentation was by-and-large about the expropriation of white capital to bring about radical economic transformation; the expropriation of land taken from their friends, who are white monopoly capital.

The link between the BFLF and the Guptas was made in a document allegedly written by former Bell Pottinger employees, which claimed that the UK firm helped create the BFLF, according to a report in the Sunday Times.

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The BFLF clashed with protesters outside the Gupta residence last month.

Carrim said while the incident was regrettable, the committee would take on board the group's concrete proposals.

"There were some very good and concrete proposals," he told Fin24. "His proposals on collusion on the banks, we welcome. In the midst of his slogans there were concrete proposal, which the committee will include."

He believed Mngxitama came to have a showdown in Parliament, to be caught on Gupta-owned ANN7 cameras.