15/05/2017 17:21 SAST | Updated 16/05/2017 06:23 SAST

Cope And The DA's Failed Attempt At Keeping Molefe Out Of Eskom Is So Funny It's Sad

Shame, at least they tried.

Twitter/ Eskom_SA

Shame, poor Congress of the People (Cope), the party just can't win.

Cope, along with some friends from the Democratic Alliance, said it would make sure reinstated Eskom chief executive Brian Molefe would not enter Megawatt Park on Monday morning for his first day back. The plan was to block all the gates and phyisically prevent him from entering.

Sounds like a plan right? But only if you have enough people to pull it off. Cue the sad trombone "womp womp womp" music because Cope's numbers could barely block one gate.

We should've known when reporters couldn't follow the sound of the crowd to figure out if they were there yet or not.

When an EWN reporter finally found them, it was a sorry sight. "Oh wait, here they are," she tweeted

OK shame. Maybe she was just at the wrong gate. Oh wait, either way that would mean they failed to execute the plan: block ALL the gates.

And as if that wasn't bad enough, you can see there were actually more DA members than Cope members.

And the cherry on top? No one knows when it happened, but Brian Molefe made his way into the building and had a full meeting while the two opposition parties were picketing outside.

They were probably late though, because when those journalists were searching for them it was already 7:30am.

Some people already predicted there was no way Cope could get enough people to block the Megawatt Park gates.

Meanwhile Brian Molefe was inside dancing and having a jolly good time.

Eish. They probably should've just joined the party.