17/05/2017 17:08 SAST | Updated 17/05/2017 17:08 SAST

The Internet Is Freaking Out Because The Facebook Flower Reaction Has Disappeared Again. Here's Why.

Awe man! Now we can't be thankful anymore. 🌸

Uh oh. The Facebook flower reaction is gone and now we don't know how to show our gratitude.The flower made a return to the social media network on the weekend after a short stint around the same time last year. Some people were loving it while others had absolutely no idea what to use it for. Turns out it was introduced for one reason and one reason only: so you could tell your moms how thankful you are for them on Mother's Day.

It was still there yesterday though so maybe people thought it would last forever this time.

But then came today, the fateful moment when Mark Zuckerburg took the gratitude from under our feet and and left us broken. The flower is gone again and people are freaking TF out.

Some people were only just starting to figure it out but alas, that's it. RIP to the flower. Sorry to those of you who were just starting to warm up to it. Don't worry though, the flower is probably going to pull a Stefano Dimera and make a comeback.

Until then, we'll have you in our thoughts.