19/05/2017 12:13 SAST

Dear EFF We Have Identified The Land We Want -- 'Sifuna Le'!

Manicured trees. That's all we want. 😂

Eloy Alonso / Reuters

Singer, songwriter and all-round superhero Nomsa Mazwai has the internet in stitches!

The creative, who is known as NomiSupasta, posted a hilarious video of herself outside the gate of a house with very well trimmed trees on the pavement lawn. It's important to note the location of the trees, because according to NomiSupasta if you don't have trees like that OUTSIDE your house, then you best believe you do not and have never at any point in your life, actually had money.

ZweliKing reposted the video on Twitter after getting it from friends in a WhatsApp group.

For those who do not understand isiZulu we'll break it down for you.

"You know what neh, if you thought you had money, you don't have money. You don't have it, bro. You don't. I know you believe for yourself with that Porsche Panera, Panamera, that you have money."

"But no. Money, bro. If you have money neh, you cut your trees like this and these trees are not inside. You do it so people can see the beauty."

"When they go past they see your manicured tree. Like, you know these trees, I hope the person who cut these trees could cut mine. This gardener could cut anything."

"You don't have money, bro! EFF stop messing with us. Here's the land! We want this one!"

Because nathi, asinamali. We found out today that the word for this beautifully trimmed "manicured" shrubbery is topiary. The shapes go from the really simple gemetric shapes to the complicated animal.

Also me, I want some topiary.